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Traditional Slovak cuisine is historically known mainly pork , lamb, flour , potatoes , cabbage and milk products . Is closest to the Hungarian , Czech and Austrian cuisine . One of the Slovak national dishes are sheep cheese dumplings . Slovaks ask what they consider the most traditional Slovak food , at least 90 % of them will answer that gnocchi . In the past, they had almost every restaurant , but from many menus gradually disappeared . Do you want to enjoy traditional Slovak specialties ? You do not need for them to travel around the regions of Slovakia . You can prepare them equally tasty and the restaurant Spectrum .

Slovak cuisine but it is not just dumplings and goat cheese . Formed the centuries the influence of various neighboring nations . Anyway basis remained what is with us , produced , harvested and educated ( potatoes , cabbage , flour , milk and dairy products , beans, peas , lentils , mushrooms , pork and beef as well as poultry , venison , lamb, fish or freshwater ) .

The daily menu is served in the workweek 11:00 to 14:00 hrs. The offer includes a choice from 6 meals of daily menus ( A, B, C, D, E, F ) , which acknowledge also serious clients .

Daily menu : soup, bread , main course. Daily menu price is € 3.60 .
zemiakova polievka


Our classic daily menu always includes a soup, which is not customary anywhere in the world. Popular are chicken, beef broth, or bean, mushroom, lentil, cabbage, potato soup. The most traditional soup in Slovakia is cabbage soup.


Main course:

As far as the main course is a little greasier Slovak cuisine such as Italian or Spanish. It is often used for preparing food, lard or oil. One of the specialties, which is typical Slovak cuisine are gnocchi. Served with sheep cheese and fry bacon pieces.

moravsky kolac

Cakes, pies:

For Slovak cuisine are typical pies, cakes and sourdough buns. In the liver are often used poppy, cocoa, nuts and cottage cheese. In addition to offering a daily menu, you can desserts available for purchase at the front desk during the week (availability according to the daily menu).



On the salads are often used red, white cabbage and various kinds of vegetables. Currently consumed varied selection of salads European cuisine. Lettuce is the only commonly consumed drenched sweet-sour, it can also be served with sugar and sauerkraut.

We wish you a good taste and comfortable seating.

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